Timber Framing: Captured on Video!

Green Mountain Timber Frames is now of video!

But before I show you the video, let’s take a look at this before and after shot.
Antique Timber frame before afterYou may remember back in 2013 when I wrote a few times about the timber frame we had restored and erected up at Sissy’s Kitchen in Middletown Springs. A gunstock timber frame, it was built over 250 years ago.

For this project, we erected the restored frame with help of the one and only Vermont Jeepgirl (otherwise known as Crane Operator extraordinaire, Sue Miller.) Luckily for us, she made a video recording of the raising day!

Hats off to Sue for capturing our madness!

Vermont Crane Operator_Vermont Jeep Girl

Vermont Jeepgirl Sue Miller

It was a great crew that worked on this frame. Here we are, standing proud in front of the restored timbers.

Construction experts from Green Mountain Timber Frames

Construction crew from Green Mountain Timber Frames

This frame – even before it became a new storage barn – saw a lot of good times! For a couple months, the erected frame stood on the beautiful lawn behind Sissy’s Kitchen in Middletown Springs, Vermont.

Test Barn Raising of Timber Frame Barn Home

Test Barn Raising of Timber Frame Barn Home at Sissy’s Kitchen

While we waited for the right buyer, the frame housed many a dinner party and afternoon tea, just around the corner from the workshop of Green Mountain Timber Frames.

Summer evening party at Sissy's under antique post and beam frame

Summer evening party at Sissy’s under post and beam frame

I want to send out a huge thank you again to Sissy for letting us have all this fun, right in her yard!

Timber framer Dan McKeen and Sissy in Vermont

Have more timber frame projects worth capturing on video? Let us know! We would like to hear from you!

What Goes Up…Must Come Down

Moving the Gunstock Frame to Its New Home

After a lovely sojourn at Sissy’s Restaurant here in Middletown Springs, VT, it was time for this beautiful historic gunstock timber frame to be taken down and moved to its new home.

Vermont Timber Frames in Middletown Springs

Roof board removal at Sissy’s

With help from Sue – otherwise known as the Vermont JeepGirl – the crew here at Green Mountain Timber Frames worked carefully to take down the frame, piece by piece. 

Vermont Jeep Girl Sue helps us move the historic timber frame

Sue and her crane help us take down the historic timber frame

Timber Frame Barn Homes in Vermont


After carefully dismantling this Vermont post and beam frame, we moved it to its new home where it will become the framework for a beautiful timber frame barn.

Dismantling Vermont Timber Frames

Taking Down the Gunstock Timber Frame

Once the frame was taken down, we moved it 120 miles to its new home where it will stand the test of time for another 250 years – or more.

Our small crew of 5 guys worked a total of 300 hours, beginning work on a Sunday at 4 pm and finishing this fine timber frame barn on the following Friday. Since we were miles from home and our friends and family, the team worked from dawn to dusk to finish the project, carefully joining the historic beams back together.

We were lucky enough to have weather on our side. With only one afternoon downpour,  we all came home a little tanner.

Vermont Post and Beam Homes

Reassembling the timber frame barn

The finished timber frame will have a copper, standing seam roof which should protect the barn for about 100 years.

Vermont Historic Barn Raising

The Newly Raised Barn – to stand another 250 years!


If you are interested in a timber frame barn homes or in seeing one of the old barns for sale at Green Mountain Timber Frames, please contact us!

An Evening of History, Music & Timbers

After working for so many months to restore this Vermont timberframe, I was looking for an excuse to invite friends to come on over to Sissy’s Kitchen and see the restored frame.

This gunstock barn was originally from Pawlet, Vermont, so I wanted some of the people from the town to come and see the restored frame.

My second passion aside from timber framing is music, so when a former client of mine told me that 3 Penny Acre, a very fine band from Arkansas, was traveling through Vermont and staying at their own barn style home, I saw an immediate opportunity.

Historic Restoration_Celebration of New England Heritage

Invitation to a night of music at Sissy’s

The band was looking to add another gig to their tour, and I thought the frame would make an ideal spot for a night of mellow music, delectable food and starry skies.

I checked in with Sissy about having a concert and she was game – offering to provide the crowds with tasty picnic style meals.

The Vermont summer cooperated with us and it was a beautiful evening. It was a grand event with over 100 folks showing from Middletown Springs and Pawlet, Vermont.

Partying and Music at Historic Timber Frame, Vermont

The crowds enjoy the music at Sissy’s

The band played on into the evening and captured our hearts. It was such a success, that they will be coming back again this summer to record with local musician,Jim Gilmour.

Evening under the Reclaimed Timber Frame

Evening under the Reclaimed Timber Frame

Meanwhile, the antique timber frame is still for sale and looking for a new owner… 

If you would like to see this Vermont timberframe or some of the other frames we have in stock, please do contact me. Green Mountain Timber Frames is working to find someone to love these old frames and all of the magical history they hold.www.greenmountaintimberframes.com

Celebration at Sissy’s – in the barn frame!

Sissy's Old Barn Frame Restored - Party!

For folks who have been following the Gunstock story, this past weekend Sissy had her first round of parties under the restored timber frame! In the photo, you can see tables set for a family reunion of 25. The two 12 foot tables, created out of vintage barn planks and timbers especially for this space, easily accommodated the large and happy gathering.  

During this event, I stopped by for my first view of the frame under lights. It was lovely to see the old barn frame full of new life. Several family members mentioned there was a magical feeling to the whole evening and we hope to be hosting many more such evenings under the timbers!

If you would like to see some of the frames we have in stock or find out more about our current projects, please do reach out. We are working to find someone to love these old frames and all of the magical history they hold.www.greenmountaintimberframes.com

Photo Recap of Restoring the Gunstock Timber Frame

(Or Sissy’s Frame as she now is known)

One great bonus of restoring this most recent frame has been the proximity to my house and “office.” In this panorama, you can see the restored gunstock frame in the center and behind the trees towards the right hand side is a view of a barn I have restored in my workshop – right next door!

Green Mountain Timber Frames and Sissy's Kitchen

Panorama showing Gunstock frame and Green Mountain Timber Frames’ Workshop

And here’s a shot of me and Sissy standing in front of Sissy’s Kitchen and a shot I love of the finished frame.

Old Barn for sale in Vermont

Old Barn for sale in Vermont!

Timber framer Dan McKeen and Sissy in Vermont

Restoring this frame has been a lot of fun, with no small credit due to Sissy for her culinary delicacies served with the love of home cooking. Lunch by Sissy's Kitchen Well earned Sissy's Lunch

Here the smiling crew raises the first wall of the frame:

timber frame barn raising

The happy timber frame crew

Smiling crew ready for Sissy’s lunch

By the way – we found an old-fashioned mower  – and sprinkler! Check out below and you can see Sissy mowing the lawn inside the restored frame.

Restored Gunstock Frame with oldfashioned Mower

Sissy mows the lawn

Old fashioned sprinkler in VT

The frame is only on display at Sissy’s – it’s still available for sale and inquiries are welcome!

Who wouldn’t want to take this old barn home with them…?

Interested? Send me an email!

Roof on Old Restored Timber Frame

This shot shows the roof we just finished.

Sissy’s Barn – Finishing up Restoration on the Gunstock Timber Frame

I’m feeling good about how this frame has shaped up. This week, we finally finished the roof details, so the plastic sheeting is gone. The roof is now all metal, protecting the old timber frame from the elements. This is the fourth roof that has covered this frame in her long life.

This picture shows the southeast corner of the frame, from the inside. (Was hoping to have lunch in their today but the weather had other plans.)

Inside the Restored Timber Frame

Southeast corner – afternoon light in the timberframe

I want to take the time to “clean the carpet” so to speak but I’m looking around for an old reel lawn mower to do the trick. It just seems the right way to go. I’ve been asking around town if someone has one I can borrow. (Please do contact me if you have one!)

Since January, I’ve put in about 600 hours of restoration work on this old frame. My friends and colleagues have put in 400 hours, just in the past few weeks.

Here she is: hundreds of years of history, 1000 hours in 2013…

restored timber frame barn available barn for sale

Sissy’s Barn has a summer guest – looking for a permanent home

Sissy’s frame is still looking for a new home! Please let me know if you are interested. You can also check out some of my available frames at: http://www.greenmountaintimberframes.com/#!available-frames/cqps