Celebration at Sissy’s – in the barn frame!

Sissy's Old Barn Frame Restored - Party!

For folks who have been following the Gunstock story, this past weekend Sissy had her first round of parties under the restored timber frame! In the photo, you can see tables set for a family reunion of 25. The two 12 foot tables, created out of vintage barn planks and timbers especially for this space, easily accommodated the large and happy gathering.  

During this event, I stopped by for my first view of the frame under lights. It was lovely to see the old barn frame full of new life. Several family members mentioned there was a magical feeling to the whole evening and we hope to be hosting many more such evenings under the timbers!

If you would like to see some of the frames we have in stock or find out more about our current projects, please do reach out. We are working to find someone to love these old frames and all of the magical history they hold.www.greenmountaintimberframes.com

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