Bennington Project Independence – restored timbers above, restoration within

Like Isaac Newton and gravity – the Bennington Project Independence started with an apple. Or more specifically, an apple orchard. The orchard land and buildings that are now home to the Vermont’s Bennington County premier adult day care center, were acquired in 2004. In 2008, I had the honor of restoring two of its original timber frame barns, transforming them into the dining hall and conference room of this remarkable facility.

Apples and Timber Frames

There were originally two old barns on the property, one from the 1790s and the other from the 1860s. We used both barns in our part of the construction of the new facility, allowing us to hold on to a piece of history and restore the beams so they can stand for another century.

Original Timber Frame Barn Vermont

Historic Barns Before Work Began, Bennington, Vermont”

Original Timber Frame Barn Vermont

The 1790 Barn Before Restoration

The 1790s barn was restored and the timber frame now houses the Center’s dining hall.

Dining Hall from restored Timber Frame

Dining Hall from restored Timber Frame

The 1860s historic barn was transformed into a conference room and bathrooms, adjacent to the dining hall.

It really is wonderful to see how old barns can find new life and bring such a special meaning to a room. The hand hewn wooden timbers lend the dining hall a very warm and inviting feel,and participants enjoy socializing, dining and dancing under the frame.

Restored Beams in Vermont

Dining Hall Ceiling

We are proud to have been chosen to restore each structure. If you are in Bennington Vermont, a visit to the Center is worth the effort.

Here is a picture taken from the outside:

Bennington Vermont Restored Timber Frame

Bennington Project Independence*


If you would like to see some of the frames we have in stock or find out more about our current projects, please do reach out. We are working to find someone to love these old frames and all of the magical history they

*Photo Credit: Ori Kaplan

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