An Evening of History, Music & Timbers

After working for so many months to restore this Vermont timberframe, I was looking for an excuse to invite friends to come on over to Sissy’s Kitchen and see the restored frame.

This gunstock barn was originally from Pawlet, Vermont, so I wanted some of the people from the town to come and see the restored frame.

My second passion aside from timber framing is music, so when a former client of mine told me that 3 Penny Acre, a very fine band from Arkansas, was traveling through Vermont and staying at their own barn style home, I saw an immediate opportunity.

Historic Restoration_Celebration of New England Heritage

Invitation to a night of music at Sissy’s

The band was looking to add another gig to their tour, and I thought the frame would make an ideal spot for a night of mellow music, delectable food and starry skies.

I checked in with Sissy about having a concert and she was game – offering to provide the crowds with tasty picnic style meals.

The Vermont summer cooperated with us and it was a beautiful evening. It was a grand event with over 100 folks showing from Middletown Springs and Pawlet, Vermont.

Partying and Music at Historic Timber Frame, Vermont

The crowds enjoy the music at Sissy’s

The band played on into the evening and captured our hearts. It was such a success, that they will be coming back again this summer to record with local musician,Jim Gilmour.

Evening under the Reclaimed Timber Frame

Evening under the Reclaimed Timber Frame

Meanwhile, the antique timber frame is still for sale and looking for a new owner… 

If you would like to see this Vermont timberframe or some of the other frames we have in stock, please do contact me. Green Mountain Timber Frames is working to find someone to love these old frames and all of the magical history they

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