Why Blog About Timber Frames?

barn house post and beam

I worked on my first old barn in 1974. After 9 years as an apprentice, working on historic properties and antique barns, Green Mountain Timber Frames was incorporated. That was 30 years ago.

So why blog about it?

So often I am asked – why do I do what I do? Why have I dedicated my career to saving old barns and turning them into timber frame homes?

Every old barn I save is saving a piece of history. I get to share with each of my clients the process of saving and discovering a piece of American heritage, creating for them a historic property filled with magic and mystery.

Imagine living in a timber frame barn style home that was around before the United States was a country. Imagine sleeping beneath a roof of hand hewn beams that were carefully crafted over 200 years ago.

It seems each week, I get a call about old barns in need of salvation. This is the work I have been blessed to do in my life. And this blog is the place where I can share my passion for the history, the craftsmanship and the stories I uncover.

To see some of my available frames and completed projects, please visit www.greenmountaintimberframes.com.

Historic Properties in Vermont

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