Saving Another Old Barn

Saving Another Old Barn

Gunstock Timberframe Barn

This beauty of a Gunstock Barn Frame dates from before 1800! The wide boards on the walls and ceiling indicate early construction and a timber framer who had skills and a real dedication to craftsmanship  Most notable is that the builder was willing to spend extra money on quality sheathing boards.

We are fortunate in our area that many of the old barn roofs were made from slate, thus preserving these abandoned barns for many decades until new life can be brought back into the building.

In other news, I am looking forward to this weekend! I will be spending the next few weeks restoring a gunstock timber frame barn. I will post pictures soon of the entire restoration process. Lots of old barn frames are coming my way, and it seems at time I just can’t save them all…

This beauty from nearby Vermont – could make a beautiful barn home!

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