Sissy’s Barn – Finishing up Restoration on the Gunstock Timber Frame

I’m feeling good about how this frame has shaped up. This week, we finally finished the roof details, so the plastic sheeting is gone. The roof is now all metal, protecting the old timber frame from the elements. This is the fourth roof that has covered this frame in her long life.

This picture shows the southeast corner of the frame, from the inside. (Was hoping to have lunch in their today but the weather had other plans.)

Inside the Restored Timber Frame

Southeast corner – afternoon light in the timberframe

I want to take the time to “clean the carpet” so to speak but I’m looking around for an old reel lawn mower to do the trick. It just seems the right way to go. I’ve been asking around town if someone has one I can borrow. (Please do contact me if you have one!)

Since January, I’ve put in about 600 hours of restoration work on this old frame. My friends and colleagues have put in 400 hours, just in the past few weeks.

Here she is: hundreds of years of history, 1000 hours in 2013…

restored timber frame barn available barn for sale

Sissy’s Barn has a summer guest – looking for a permanent home

Sissy’s frame is still looking for a new home! Please let me know if you are interested. You can also check out some of my available frames at:!available-frames/cqps

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