Photo Recap of Restoring the Gunstock Timber Frame

(Or Sissy’s Frame as she now is known)

One great bonus of restoring this most recent frame has been the proximity to my house and “office.” In this panorama, you can see the restored gunstock frame in the center and behind the trees towards the right hand side is a view of a barn I have restored in my workshop – right next door!

Green Mountain Timber Frames and Sissy's Kitchen

Panorama showing Gunstock frame and Green Mountain Timber Frames’ Workshop

And here’s a shot of me and Sissy standing in front of Sissy’s Kitchen and a shot I love of the finished frame.

Old Barn for sale in Vermont

Old Barn for sale in Vermont!

Timber framer Dan McKeen and Sissy in Vermont

Restoring this frame has been a lot of fun, with no small credit due to Sissy for her culinary delicacies served with the love of home cooking. Lunch by Sissy's Kitchen Well earned Sissy's Lunch

Here the smiling crew raises the first wall of the frame:

timber frame barn raising

The happy timber frame crew

Smiling crew ready for Sissy’s lunch

By the way – we found an old-fashioned mower  – and sprinkler! Check out below and you can see Sissy mowing the lawn inside the restored frame.

Restored Gunstock Frame with oldfashioned Mower

Sissy mows the lawn

Old fashioned sprinkler in VT

The frame is only on display at Sissy’s – it’s still available for sale and inquiries are welcome!

Who wouldn’t want to take this old barn home with them…?

Interested? Send me an email!

Roof on Old Restored Timber Frame

This shot shows the roof we just finished.

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