The Ultimate (Corn) Crib

Tucked away in the woods of Vermont is a beautiful hardwood timber frame, refinished from an original post and beam corn crib that was built in Ira, VT around 1800.

TImber Frame Corn Crib

Corn Crib turned Hunting Camp!

To get up to the original old barn, we had to drive up the side of a very steep hill. We couldn’t have easily hauled these old beams out without the help of modern ingenuity.

Dan McKeen Moving the Timber Frame Beams

Transporting the Timber Frame

With its secluded setting and cozy living quarters, I like to call it the “corn crib honeymoon shack.” We built it for a newly married couple.

All hard wood, predominantly beech, I had the pleasure of raising these timbers anew about five years ago. Working side by side with Luke and Nathan – two young fellas who’ve got a knack for timber framing – we completed the project in about two months.

Green Mountain Timber Frames restoring a historic corn crib

Assembling the timber frame

What is this restored timber frame used for today?

Today, the restored frame stands tall, alongside another building called “Shotgun Pappy’s Shack. This spot is now a hunting camp, where men and women come out to shoot skeet.

Vermont Hunting Camp

Vermont Hunting Camp

Far away from large population centers, the restored frame and Pappy’s Shack are located in a spot perfect for shooting practice. And the addition of the restored corn crib allows the owners and their friends to stay overnight during bird hunting expeditions.

We built the restored corn crib in this spot to allow for overnights at the camp – a secluded getaway where the owners can enjoy the view.  And I was thrilled when just last week, the folks called just to say they were up there and enjoying it. All these years later, and this fine frame is still hosting many a lively evening!.

Corn Cribs – for more than just corn!

In the early 19th Century, these early timber frame corn cribs had second floors which, to the best of my knowledge, were used as sleeping quarters. From clues found during the dismantling process, this particular frame, from Ira, VT, was definitely used to house the hired man.

Building the Timberframe Old Barn in Vermont

During construction

Later on, in New England and in the Midwest, these types of corn cribs were designed solely for storing corn. Where I grew up in the mid-west, my grandfather had a corn crib out in Wisconsin that was quite big compared to the early Vermont ones. But despite the larger size, those mid-western structures were used only for storage rather than housing.

While this frame is not for sale, I do have other beautiful timber frames for sale at my shop.

Please feel free to check out my old barns for sale! I’d love to give you the grand ol’ tour! You can see them on my website or in person!

Vermont Moose Near Corn Crib Post and Beam Property

EVERYONE is invited to see the frames!

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