Greene and Greene Gazebo Gets a Facelift

Remember that Greene and Greene style timber frame gazebo I was working on a few months back? Well it’s been a busy summer and in the meantime, the gazebo has received some TLC in the form of new landscaping. Here is a picture of the frame in its purist form, but with cement block showing:

Timber Frame Builders in Vermont Make Gazebo

Greene and Greene Style Timber Frame Gazebo

Since we last saw this beautiful frame, the masons finished the stone work. This helps to ground the structure and ties it in aesthetically to the surroundings.

Post and Beam barn homes and gazebo

Finished masonry on Greene and Greene Gazebo

This week, we will be adding the top soil around the post and beam frame, and in the coming weeks the owners will plant grass seed and flower beds to complete the project.

Greene and Greene Historic Post and Bean Homes

It’s truly a special timber framing project and I enjoyed working on this beautifully designed timber frame. While I tend to work more with restored frames from post-colonial times, working on this frame was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning more about the Greene brothers and their work.

We would be love to hear what you think of this frame and our other projects. Please take a look at the other available timber frames for sale at our shop! If you are interested in a barn style home, please contact us.

1 thought on “Greene and Greene Gazebo Gets a Facelift

  1. Love your work, and if I ever get back to the United States would love to have a timber frame from you! Thanks to the inspiration and making this a lovely, lovely day!

    Catherine Todd, AtitlanArts (dot) com
    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America

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