An Old Fashioned Barn Raising!

Bring Your Camera!
Because it’s time for a barn raising.

On Monday, September 23rd, amid the bright backdrop of Vermont autumn foliage, we’ll be tipping up this beauty of a barn in Manchester, VT.

Originally built around 1800, in Middle Granville, New York, Green Mountain Timber Frames has restored this post and beam gem and will be erecting it on Monday in its new location in Manchester, Vermont!

Dismantling old barn in New York

We headed to Middle Granville, New York to carefully dismantle the original barn piece by piece a couple of years ago.

Restoring historic timber frame

Taking down the historic timber frame in New York

The original barn frame measured 31′ x 51’, but we have shortened it to 41 feet in length, per the request of new owners.

In the photo below, you can see the process we went through to carefully adjust most of the beams. We added in tie timbers where the windows will be placed in the new barn garage.

Renovating Vermont timberframe barn home

Adjusting the timbers and adding in tie timbers for windows

This barn stood beside a house built in 1804, but by our estimates, the barn itself was built several years earlier. Here you can see the majestic, wide beams that make up this historic timber frame.

Huge timbers from 1800s historic home

Interested in seeing a barn raising?  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Please contact Green Mountain Timber Frames for questions about historic timber frame barn homes, old barns for sale, barn raisings and more!

2 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Barn Raising!

  1. Well I wish I was still in Vermont – I would definitely come to see the barn raising! My family spent the Summer in Shaftsbury, living in a converted barn, but alas we’re back home in Atlanta. Good luck!

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