Barn Raising – A good week’s work

We had a great time last week getting this vintage timber frame up in Manchester, Vermont. The post and bean frame with hand hewn wood was originally built around 1800, in Middle Granville, NY.

It was a beautiful week and we worked surrounded by the vibrant colors of near-peak foliage and under the watchful eye of Mount Equinox in the background. Thank God,  the weather was perfect!

Here are some pictures showing the highlights:

Manchester VT Raising - Beautifully restored timber frame beams

Beautifully restored timber frame beams

Saturday Restoring Historic Timber frame

Last Saturday’s work – restoring the frame and getting the primary timbers up

Saturday Timber Framing in Manchester VTAfter erecting the main timbers over the weekend, we spent last Monday focused on placing the roof rafters. We also pegged most joints in the frame with wooden trunnels.

Restoring Historic barn in Vermont

With help from a Grade All, and the view of Mount Equinox in the background.

Here we are installing the roof rafters.

Vermont Timber Framing with Mount Equinox in Background

Adding Roof Boards to Manchester Vermont Timber Frame

Adding roof boards to timber frame

Applying roof boards to Vintage Timber Frame

Adding tar paper over roof boards, as we installed the original boards.

Outhouse in Rural Vermont Best Part of Timber framing

An important part of setting up a timber framing work site: moving the outhouse – at arm’s length –  to the proper location.

Finishing Barn Restoration

The completed roof, protected by tar paper.

6 thoughts on “Barn Raising – A good week’s work

  1. Nice! In addition to the attic space do I also detect a loft space too in the photos? Were there any stair cases that could be salvaged? And, being over 200 years old (wow!) – what percentage of the original framework needed to be replaced? Indeed, this was a very good week’s work!

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for commenting. Actually what you may notice is our temporary floor which allows us to work safely on the roof system. There is/was no second floor but there could be a loft added down the road if the owner needs more storage. It’s a tremendous space with gorgeous color and massive timber. AND the posts are white oak 10x11x14 foot Quarter Sawn. First barn I’ve seen with quarter sawn posts. Imagine how big that white oak tree was! The siding will be vintage, taken off a barn near Granville N.Y. that was being dismantled. If you don’t live far away, come and check it out. Sincerely, Dan

      Dan McKeen Green Mountain Timber Frames 320 West St. Middletown Springs, VT 05757 802-235-2340

      • Hey Dan,
        Thanks. I live in Arizona now, but do have a trip back east tentatively planned for next summer. I’m certain you’ll have some fun projects in progress at that time also. Sure is fun when you enjoy your work, huh?

    • Hi Janice,

      We did organize the foundation but the stone work was done by a crew from R.I. Very solid and genuine folk. Knocked out the stone work in 2 days, 5 guys. Siding begins in earnest next week! Mock up enclosed as well as lovely color of the frame. Eve walls, painted butt board, gable walls traditional brown board. Windows arrive tomorrow. Interior cement floor will be adobe colored. Very fun project and another historic frame saved! Sincerely, Dan

      Dan McKeen Green Mountain Timber Frames 320 West St. Middletown Springs, VT 05757 802-235-2340

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